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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Avoid this multiclicker website

If you are working with Paid to click sites do not use Multiclickers as your account can be banned. Avoid this Multiclicker site


Avoid this Multiclicker website

Do not associate with the Multiclicker http://pymon.narod.ru/plagin.html
Your accounts on PTC's will be deleted.

Autoclickers Caught on Various Sites

  • USENAME paldrom ALERTPAY EMAIL:paldrom@gmail.com
  • USERNAME shuvara ALERTPAY EMAIL not_responding@abv.bg
  • USERNAME iristar ALERTPAYEMAIL iristar@centrum.cz
  • USERNAME moneypayl3 ALERTPAYEMAIL:moneypayl3@web.de
  • USERNAME gobux ALERTPAYEMAIL: stbset@gmail.com
  • USERNAME jorge96 ALERTPAY EMAIL jorge.96@sapo.pt
  • USERNAME ruckusx ALERTPAY EMAIL ruckusx@hotmail.com