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Friday, 27 February 2009


PTC owners, Online Paid to Read Website Owners. Here you will find a list of Cheaters that we will compile from various PTC Sites. If you have an autoclicker/multiclickers problem,if you are being scammed by online members-call the ScammersBusted and we will clean out the Cheaters! Watch our blog for our constantly growing list of cheaters.PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR OUR LIST OF CHEATERS.
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Autoclickers Caught on Various Sites

  • USENAME paldrom ALERTPAY EMAIL:paldrom@gmail.com
  • USERNAME shuvara ALERTPAY EMAIL not_responding@abv.bg
  • USERNAME iristar ALERTPAYEMAIL iristar@centrum.cz
  • USERNAME moneypayl3 ALERTPAYEMAIL:moneypayl3@web.de
  • USERNAME gobux ALERTPAYEMAIL: stbset@gmail.com
  • USERNAME jorge96 ALERTPAY EMAIL jorge.96@sapo.pt
  • USERNAME ruckusx ALERTPAY EMAIL ruckusx@hotmail.com